Frequently Asked Questions

This is an online application. Is my information and data safe? YES!

I know that there are a lot of features available within this application (e.g. which family members are watched, sending of alerts to my mobile phone, different alerting features, etc.). However, I can't figure out how to set them.

What is the best way to navigate around the site to find specific information?

Aren't there other applications that do what™ does?

This application is kind of cool, but don't I want to install it on my PC?

I already have some of this data in other applications. How do I get my information into™?

How do I print my reports out of™?

The "Daily Notifications" are great; however, I've noticed that some of my longer messages are truncated when I receive a text message to my mobile phone.

Have you noticed any "nuances" of the different browsers on different platforms?

Is there any way to restrict access to specific areas of my account for some of the users?

Can I selectively synchronize my data with Outlook® and Palm®?

Can I add more Users to my™ family?

Why do you ask for my credit card information for the free trial?

Should I decide to not use™ any more, how do I go about canceling my account?™ - This should be your HOME page!™
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