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Easy to use and always available!

Because™ is a web-based application, it is always available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, to all members of the home - no matter where they are. There is no software to download or install; and you will always have immediate access to the latest and greatest version. All you need is Internet access. All of this is provided for one low monthly fee per family - providing for true communication and coordination among family members.

Your "Daily View" puts information at your fingertips!

What you get with your subscription:

  • Complete online Calendar listing for all family members
  • Complete "To Do" and Activities lists
  • Online Address Book so that you'll always have access to your friends and family - with automated reminders of important dates and MapQuest® directions
  • Complete Home Inventory Tracking of your assets, collectibles, etc.
  • Keep a record of all Home Services and Home Maintenance activities
  • Keep track of the contents of your Wine collection in our "Wine Cellar"
  • Keep track of your Fitness routines and track your Diet
  • Keep track of the family Medical Records - including you, your family, and your aging parents
  • Identify your Goals, and track your progress
  • Keep detailed Vehicle Maintenance records
  • Keep track of all information for your primary residence, your vacation home and your rental properties
  • Build dynamic, and organized Shopping Lists
  • Keep track of all your favorite Recipes - and automatically populate your Shopping List with the ingredients!
  • Never forget a birthday, anniversary, or special event again with our automated reminders
  • Keep track of your Creative Ideas and Special Moments
  • Keep a Daily Journal
  • Our "Private" feature allows you to enjoy all the benefits of collaboration; while simultaneously keeping key records private to be viewed only by you - e.g.; a daily journal, personal goals, etc.
  • Complete Reporting and Importing/Exporting capabilities
  • No storage space required on your hard drive. Your data is safe and backed up continuously.
  • Complete data security - protects against data loss due to viruses, computer crashes, etc. If your system crashes, sign on again and you're back up. It's that easy. Your data and your life are back in order - immediately!
  • Built-in "wizards" to help you load any information that you may have saved elsewhere - e.g. Microsoft Outlook® - which makes it easy to pull together all of your information into one easy-to-use and easy-to-access place
  • Always current, and accessible from anywhere
  • Synchronization with Outlook® & Palm® -- customized for each User
  • Complete support for both PC & Mac
  • ...and much more!

When you log into your account, you are immediately brought to your customizable "Daily View". Here you are presented with a summary of all of those events and activities that are important to you - be it an appointment, a reminder of a friend's birthday, your current To Do List, or some Home/Vehicle Maintenance reminder, etc. In addition to all of the above, you will also have access to our "Quick Links" functionality so that you can view the day's weather, search the web, look up a phone number, or check your email.

All of this is available to you immediately, and for only $4.99 per month for an entire family!

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